Tuesday 5 November 2019

Christmas cards

I don't really like poinsettias. In my Christmas projects I'd rather use any kind of silk or paper flowers but not poinsettias. 

I used

Scrapbooking Papers -  JOY TO THE WORLD (12x12)

Chipboard - Frosty Frame

Similar flowers to the one I used

Big Peony Head / 2pcs           Big Peony Head / 2pcs

Silk Lily /BLUE          Silk Lily /PINK
Silk  Zinnia / 5pcs

Silk  Zinnia / 5pcs        Silk  Zinnia / 5pcs

Silk Poppy Flower - BLUE        Silk Poppy Flower - PINK

Silk Flower       Silk Poppy Flower - RED

Silk Marigold / 6 pcs

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