Monday 18 January 2021

Egidija - Paper Fantasies


1. Since when have you been into crafting?
I have been into art in general since I was a child, and found crafting when I got older. More full time for 5 years now

2. Which technique do you like best?
I love making Exploding Boxes and Albums a lot, I like a project you get to spend more time on

3. What product cannot you imagine to craft without?
Chipboards, they just complete every project

4.Which category in the 14 craft bar are you most likely to visit?
Scrapbooking Papers.

5. What's new do you want to try in 2021? New product, technique?
I'd like to try more masculine projects, I always find them more complicated to put together. Feminine is always easy, all women love flowers.

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