Tuesday 19 January 2021

Renata Zajac - Magiczne Szaraczkowo


1. Since when have you been into crafting?
I have been crafting for several years. I run an art studio for children, where I infect them with a passion for creation.

2. Which technique do you like best?
I love making foamiran flowers with which I decorate my handmade cards, exploding boxes and albums.

3. What product cannot you imagine to craft without?
I cannot imagine creating without foamiran, a colorful range of stamens, twigs and flower accessories.

4.Which category in the 14 craft bar are you most likely to visit?
Beautiful, colorful scrap papers are for me an endless inspiration to create.

5. What's new do you want to try in 2021? New product, technique?
I like fabrics, delicate laces and recently I try to explore the secrets of paints, waxes and coloring media.

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